With more than 10,000m2 of capacity to process the finest coffees with the highest quality standards to satisfy our customers.

More about us:

In 1988 we started to construct the Beneficio Palin, S.A. The location was chosen for the excellent climate conditions of the area which it’s perfect for coffee storage and preservation, besides the closeness with the train station that was used in the early days to transport the export coffee to the boarding ports of Atlantic and Pacific.

Currently, our original construction is almost 30 years in the same place, however, we have made some arrangements for expansion, to have a major capacity for coffee storage, in addition to the installation of cutting-edge technology equipment of brands recognized worldwide, to process our special coffee with efficiency and quality.

Palin, S. A.

“Palin, S.A.” has certifications such as C.A.F.E. PRACTICES, Rainforest Alliance among others. “El Beneficio Palin, S.A." has the best construction and equipment, including a cupping laboratory, equipped for quality coffee control. Each coffee receipt is tasted and authorized by the quality department, keeping a registration and traceability of all export processes and dispatches. Our quality and safety standards allow us to guarantee coffee control and ensure grain quality.